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Mobile Catering Business

With a mobile catering service, you will be able to go where groups of people gather but no commercial kitchens exist.

There are many different ways to go about this. Some mobile food trailers will operate on a regular schedule and go from place to place while others will often setup at the same locations everyday or nearly everyday.

With a food trailer you will be able to vend at events like weddings and parties as well as corporate functions and other places where food is desired.

Mobile Catering Business

It is imperative to research local food guidelines, laws, rules and regulations to make sure your trailer is inspected and licensed and that it is legal to be serving food. 

If you don’t do this, you could be at risk for serious fines and lawsuits. Some operators will prepare food on their trailer or truck while others will prepare in a separate inspected kitchen or commissary and then simply serve the food from their truck.

Mobile Catering Business

You will also need to figure out where your food will come from.

Will you use a restaurant supplier, local farms or grocery stores? 

You will need to have a place that meets regulations to store all of your ingredients as well. You will also have to determine where you will purchase all of your other supplies such as plates, napkins, utensils and all of the other items you will need in order to prepare and serve food.

Next, you will need to protect your investment with insurance.

You will most likely need insurance on your trailer as well as liability insurance for the places you are set up. Many venues will ask for proof of insurance before they allow you to operate on their property. If you will also have full-time employees then you will need to look into whether or not you will need to have insurance for them.

During your planning phase, it is wise to make a detailed list of all potential places you can possibly vend

This could include office buildings, factories, parking lots, local gatherings, etc. You can negotiate with the property owners to figure out if these ideas can work. 

You will also need to market your business so that people looking for a mobile caterer will find you. Most people will search for these types of services online so having a website and social media accounts with menus and information will be extremely beneficial to your business.

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