Here Are Some Accessories For Your New Food Trailer

Matt shares some accessories for your new food trailer

Hey there Matt here, are you still looking for a food trailer?

Still not sure, maybe you’ve checked out our website and still confused. Let me show you a couple of equipment options.

This is actually our King Kong trailer so this is a sort of standard package but it’s a good one to show you different equipment and so on so forth okay. So for starters we can have fridges and freezers. All our trailers come with the triple sinks, the triple sinks are required to make sure they actually comply with council regulations.

We can add a coffee machine. This is a special coffee machine designed to run on just enough power so it’s not gonna be any issues when you’re running your food trailer okay. All this stuff is standard in the King Kong by the way but you can add most stuff to any other trailer.

This is the pizza oven, so this allows you to cook double layer pizzas it’s electric pizza oven. This is a cold bain marie, it’s missing it’s little pans inside it okay but you generally get the idea about the actual cold bain marie so this is if you’re self serving salads and so on so forth, allows the goods to stay cool okay.

Also over and above that as well on our square trailers we generally add gas working and you can add a gas griddle this gas griddle allows you to cook things nice and quick and so on so forth and it has the recovery time of the gas.

Now if you’re a real chef you might want one of these, this is actually an oven okay and you go well no no no joke okay get it true, so it’s an oven with the gas cooktop, nice, sturdy really heavy-duty and so on and so forth right. You literally open the oven up and cook whatever you need to do and it runs on gas down the bottom and gas up the top.

Down here we’ve got a chip warmer you can add that in there as well so you might be getting the chips out and so on so forth want to keep them warm that’s no problem at all. Then we’ve got deep fryers, this one in particular has dual deep fryer that’s why it is the King Kong so it fits more in.

Now we do have an actual trailer size to suit everyone. If you’re interested to know more you can see all our full trailer range and and register for information package that takes us through a detailed tour of each trailer from A-Z.

Go ahead and check out we’d love to get help you get into your own real business today.

A real business making real profits, real money, dealing with real people, highly profitable the most recession-proof business that exists in the world is food.

Looking forward to helping you, go check it out

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