How To Hook My Food Trailer To My Car?

Matt shares how to hook your food trailer to your car correctly

Hey there Matt here again, another common question I get asked especially from people not familiar with towing is how should everything be hooked up to the car?

Well you can see this is one of our excel food trailers, we put jewel axles on them today. These days just so it actually balances out and eye center gives it a better carrying capacity and you’ll see that when it’s hooked up to the car it’s nice and sitting nice and even there’s not pushing the back of the car down or anything like that.

We’re very very careful to balance things out correctly. You know it does have a mechanical hand brake and mechanical brakes on the trailer. So how it works if you’re not familiar basically there’s a little lever here that can pull up and so when the trailer slows down the trailer will push in apply its own brakes okay.

So it takes the pressure off your car okay and makes it really really really simple you’ll see it’s up got all the gas work and everything hooked up so it’s basically a ready to go trailer and this is just being taken for registrations got the safety chains pretty much everything they’re good to go.

So that’s how an actual food trailer should be hooked up to your car correctly.

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