Should I Buy A Used Food Trailer?

Matt answers whether you should buy a used food trailer

Hey there Matt here again and a common question I get asked is should I buy a used food trailer?

Honestly we have customers come in and they’ve bought a used food trailer.

Okay thought they’ve got themselves a bargain. They come in with the actual food trailer okay we take a look at it and give them a quote and work out what they need to do for repairs right, you don’t hear from them a while and then later on they go oh we sold that trailer because we figured out it was better to buy a new one okay.

So yeah okay fair enough and then what happens is they actually come back again okay, the actual same trailer comes back again when someone else has bought it goes but it doesn’t comply, we need all these fixing this fixing that and so forth right.

So if you ask me should you buy a used food trailer, the answer is a definite no because it ends up costing you more because you’re not buying from a reputable proper supplier.

Anyway hope that helps you make the decision correct for you.

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