Should I Mount My Generator On My Trailer?

Matt answers whether you should mount your generator on your trailer

Matt here again, now a common question people always ask me is should I mount my generator on the actual trailer?

Okay now previously in the past we have and you’ll see other people do okay but here’s the thing that we found over time, it’s not if, it’s when that you’ll have an issue when you go to a location that the generator just happens to be in the wrong spot.

Let me explain right for example there’s plenty of room right here for a generator but the way we actually set the trailers up each one of these inlets is a 15 amp circuit so it will only run enough to run 15 ends and then what we do is have a 3.5 kva generator they weigh about 20 23 24 kilos somewhere in that ballpark okay and you can literally move around quite easily they’re on wheels and so on and so forth. So when you move the generator around you can plug the lead in here just like you’ll plug it into a location you can even put the generator off behind the actual trailer or the truck or whatever and when you’re actually there then no one’s hearing the noise.

So my recommendation is do not mount the actual generator on the draw bar.

Yes we have in the past but it’s better than not to do it because we found over time that it’ll be a problem with it and when it’s all bolted down you can’t move it and it can stop your trading from date and we don’t want that we want it out there making money.

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