Should You Use Gas Or Electric For Your Food Trailer?

Matt shares the benefits between using gas or electric for your food trailer

Hey there Matt here again, now I wanted to talk to you about a common question we always get asked is should I use gas or electric?

Now it depends on what the actual situation you are in and so on so forth. So this is an excel trailer and you’ll see it’s got electric deep fryer and electric grill in there. The problem is okay that does use a lot of power okay. Now If you’re just using an electric grill not so bad, if you’re using one side of an electric deep fryer not so bad, but once you can buy them all together it starts to use a lot okay. So almost every time these excels we upgrade to gas work we put a firewall in there. We actually put a gas pipe work and so on so forth all certified and signed off by a gas licensed gas fitter.

Now let me show you the other way okay what I’m actually talking about. I’ll take you over and this answers the question while at the same time showing you okay. So this is actually our maxi elite. So this is our maxi elite here now you see this has been hooked up with gas work okay. So the big benefit is it gets hotter easier faster okay and then also faster recovery time.

Now you can see it’s a lot bigger so to upgrade it and add gas in it does add an extra cost but I always say to people that I’m talking to on the phone, you’re paying for it one way or the other that you’re paying for it in lost time right and generate it is or you’re just paying for it upfront. long-term you have to spend more money to get a gas set up but it’s much much better.

Not everything can be gas for example the lights and the fridges and so on and so forth they can’t be gas but it really brings your overall power consumption down and allows you to have a much better much more efficient trailer because you can have this work and this work and everything working along together.

Hopefully that really helps you understand which is the benefit between gas or electric.

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