What Accessories Can I Have In My Food Trailer?

Here are accessories you can have in your food trailer

Hey there Matt here, now quite often we'll get asked questions of what accessories can I put into my food trailer?

Now it does depend on the food trailer and up so, our XL and up so the square food trailers obviously leave it a lot more options because it’s physically more space. This is our King Kong behind me so I’m gonna take you through and show you just some of the things you can actually add in okay.

So all this all this stuff is actually standard inside a King Kong okay. So your fridges and you can have the option of a freezer as well, triple sinks is standard in all the our trailers so that’s stand we don’t do any of this crazy stuff or add prices on later. We basically tell you what it is and say no complete trailer is a complete trailer.

This here is a twin head coffee machine okay so quite cost-effective way of doing it as well. This is a pizza oven okay so this is something that most trailers can fit in in the smaller round ones and the smaller round ones can fit this in as well okay. This is a col bain marie, so the cold bain marie okay basically allows you to have cold ingredients in there okay. Down here a gas griller, you can add a gas grill into it.

This is really only for our squares trailers you can add an oven with the the four burner cooktop on top of it as well. Chip warmer, deep fryer now in the King Kong we’ve got a double deep fryer but you can put a single deep fryer if you like as well okay over and above that as well the hot bain-marie, the hot bain marie is actually standing inside the actual square trailers. Except for the excel. So the maxi, maxi elite, the supersize and King Kong they’re all standard okay. Now normally we have the gas work hooked up this is a display model but doesn’t have the gas work hooked up.

So hopefully for that helps you understand a little bit just some of the actual accessories they can add into your new food trailer.

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