What Size Generator Should I Buy For My Food Trailer?

Matt answers what size generator you should use for your food trailer

A common question that we get asked is what type of generator should I use for my food trailer.

All our trailers we set up with multi inlets okay so one Inlet will take a 15 ounce supply in okay so this actual particular generator is a easy gen.

They are approx. 950 dollars plus GST so much more cost-effective than for example a Honda. It’s quite light, it’s got wheels and so on so forth you can literally roll it on two or four wheels or whatever okay and it’s got double outlets so it’s designed to run 15 amps okay and best thing is it’s got a remote start and an electric start as well okay so these are really really good. So one of these for example a fridge, the hot water system sorry two fridges, the hot water system, range hood and also the lights can all be run off one of these small generators.

The biggest advantage is you can just have a normal 15 amp lead that you can buy from wherever okay then literally will this out behind the actual trailer okay so the noise doesn’t go anywhere this really saves you and this tank okay you’ll generally get between six and eight hours on the actual tank so what we do when customers have got multiple circuits they might buy multiple generators it’s much more cost-effective much more reliable because sometimes you’re not using all the circuits for example okay so this is really really the best way and the right generator to select for your actual food trailer an easy gen which we can supply to you as part of your food trailer if you want to.

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