Finding, Attracting And Maintaining Food Truck Customers

Finding, attracting and maintaining your food truck customers is vital as no customers means no business!

Finding Attracting and Maintaining Food Truck Customers

Impeccable customer service is crucial in the food truck industry.

there are essentially two categories of customers – vending and catering.

This depends on your business model but in most cases it seems that food trucks typically provide both of these services.

  • Vending is when you are working at events or simply parked somewhere and people are purchasing individual items.
  • Catering refers to the people who book your truck to treat people to menu items. This could be corporate catering at office buildings or job sites, private parties, weddings, customer or employee appreciation events, etc.

WIth catering events, it’s important to build a relationship with the organizer of the event so that they continue to utilize your services in the future.

Finding Attracting and Maintaining Food Truck Customers

However, it’s also imperative that the people receiving the free food or drinks also enjoy their experience so that they provide positive feedback to the organizer. Plus, any customer you ever encounter might book your truck for an event they are hosting. Building these types of relationships and ensuring people have positive experiences will greatly contribute to the success of your food truck.

Vending customers will also become repeat customers if they have a great experience and enjoy the products you are serving.

Word of mouth marketing is huge in this industry. When people have a truly awesome experience with a food truck they will spread that information to friends, coworkers and family. In this age of social media and cell phones with cameras, people will also often do your marketing for you by posting pictures of what they bought and tagging your business.

Finding Attracting and Maintaining Food Truck Customers

Customers are also inclined to leave online reviews if they have an amazing encounter with your food truck. Always make sure you respond to reviews, acknowledge the customer and thank them for their kind words.

Loyalty programs and rewards cards are an excellent way to build and maintain your customer base. You can use a punch card that offers them a reward like a free meal after purchasing a set number of other meals. For example, “Your 10th meal is on the house.”

You can also build an email list and send out coupons or exclusive offers for savings or specials on your truck. There are a lot of ways to reward customers. Get creative and think of something that will work with your truck’s concept!

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