Networking Your Mobile Food Business

The Importance of Networking Your Mobile Food Business

Networking Your Mobile Food Business

Networking is defined as “the action or process of interacting with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts.”

In the food truck industry, networking is huge and can make a big impact on the success of your business. It is important to network with other food truck owners, event planners, local businesses, community leaders and so on. You never know where your next lead for a job will come from.
Getting to know fellow food truckers will help you learn in so many ways. Generally speaking, business owners love talking about their business. They will share their mistakes, successes, pros and cons of which events to work, event organizers you should try to work with, which events to avoid, etc. The amount of knowledge you can gain from other food trailer owners is priceless, especially if they aren’t direct competition. Keep in mind that just because an event doesn’t work for some people, your concept might work better for that event. For example, an early morning race might not be ideal for a burger truck but if you are selling coffee then it might be a great fit for you.
The Importance of Networking Your Mobile Food Business

You can increase your mobile food business referrals from networking.

Research local business networking organizations in your area such as the Chamber of Commerce or other Buy Local initiatives and business groups. These types of networking opportunities can lead to a number of positive experiences for your business. You might gain new places to park or catering opportunities. Corporate catering can be a great path to go down because it will provide you with profit producing weekday gigs when you aren’t working at big events over the weekends.
The Importance of Networking for Your Mobile Food Business 2

Social media networking is also a great way to expand and promote your food truck business.

You are essentially networking when communicating with your customers online by sharing posts, pictures and videos on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. These interactions can create sales. For example, if someone sees one of your menu items online then books your truck for a party then you have successfully networked with them.

Also, if you are putting out quality products and properly promoting your food trailer or truck then you will find people referring your business to people who are looking for food trucks or caterers for events. A lot of times people will post in community groups if they are looking for a business to provide food for a gathering. It is in your best interest to join as many local community Facebook groups and regularly post about your business in them.

Networking is an important skill to learn in order to help create success for your business!

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