Wedding Food Trucks

Food Trucks in the Wedding Scene

It is increasingly popular for food trucks to serve at weddings.

Food Trucks Wedding Scene

Brides and grooms tend to like the idea of hiring food trucks because of the awesome and unique menu items that food truckers are pushing out their windows. Plus, food trailers can be totally mobile and go places that other caterers can’t. 

This makes it ideal for weddings which are being held in the woods, on the beach or other remote locations. Even if the wedding is not in a remote location, having food trucks cater a wedding is just unique, hip and trendy and if marketed right can net a nice profit.

Booking a wedding is generally priced per person which means you can get paid upfront.

Food Trucks Wedding Scene

. It’s not like other events where you aren’t sure what the turn out will be. Weddings are guaranteed money.

When trying to book a wedding with your food trailer or truck, you will need to market that you can serve large groups of people quickly.

You can also typically charge less than a traditional caterer and still make a large profit.

Food trucks work very well at outdoor weddings and add a unique touch to the celebration.

Specialising in weddings helps you to market to a targeted food truck niche

Food Trucks Wedding Scene

In order to reach brides and grooms you can setup at wedding showcases in which vendors typically hand out free samples and brochures to prospective brides and grooms.

You can also make sure you have wedding catering information on your website and social media channels so that when people perform a web search for these services your business shows up. Get to know the wedding planners and organizers in your area and make sure they are aware of your services and will pass this on to the couples they are working for.

You can even make your wedding services stand out with customized menus and serving supplies. Find a way to incorporate the bride and groom’s names on containers, plates, cups or napkins. Work with them to come up with a special menu for their special day. You can even make a personalized menu board to congratulate them. Once you start working at weddings you will start coming up with ideas on how you can make your services stand out.

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