Are Food Trailers A Good Investment?

People ask all the time whether food trucks or food trailers are a good investment?

So, are food trailers are a good investment? Watch the video to find out....

At the end of the day it comes down to what food trailer you actually buy.

Unfortunately like all industries, in the food van industry there are a lot of “backyarders” in the game.

For example, I quite regularly have customers telling me of random people who might have built one food trailer trying to meet them in a car park. Not the sort of person that you want to actually buy from.

I also have people telling me of some cheap deals on food vans that they can get from China. They say that everything will be a hundred percent fine. However, I understand a lot about bringing stuff in from overseas and I can tell you that they’ll say yes and then when you get your food trailer, it becomes a giant problem.

Buying a cheap food van can end up costing more in the long run

We have regular customers come down to us at Food Trailer King in Murwillumbah, Gold Coast and actually say “hey can you help me fix this food trailer. I’ve brought it in from overseas and although I saved myself a few thousand dollars, it doesn’t comply” The cost of getting your food van to comply often ends up higher than the actual cost of the trailer.

In the video above,  I show you a couple of examples of the things that make a food trailer great.

So it's like anything if you invest in the right food trailer then it's a good investment but if you invest in the wrong one then it can be a really really bad investment.

We probably get half a dozen to a dozen customers per month coming to us and saying, Matt we got this thing we bought a secondhand and we’ve bought elsewhere I’ve got major problems with it.

That’s why at Food Trailer King, we give you a no questions, twelve months warranty, so if there is any issues we’ll sort it out for you straight away.

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