Can I See Your Food Trailers On Display?

Matt shows you his food trailers on display

Hey there it's Matt here and a common question I always get asked is do you have trailers on display?

We have the largest and pretty much the only massive display in Australia. Now let me just show you a couple of things that we actually got here, this is our King Kong.

First, you’re greeted by the actual Transformers, so you can transform your life with a food trailer king food trailer okay. Coming up soon you’ll be seeing our trucks and one truck’s underway over there, actual food truck and then when you come over here you’ll see different trailers.

This is the the maxi elite here, this is actually a customer’s trailer so you will see customers trailers not far off theme to being done. The supersize ice cream trailer, another trailer over there, a couple of trailers in here and we’ve still got more okay that you can actually see all these trailers in touch and feel them. This is a pizza trailer, a barbecue trailer which is a club special.

There’s a whole heap of stuff and we need some more lights in here, but you get the idea so you can see all the trailers. I believe that there’s nowhere else in Australia that actually has this sort of setup and so much stuff to see. We have people flying up from Melbourne, Sydney, Perth regularly flying up here.

Beautiful downtown, all of our people come through, check things out and so on so forth. Check out the little country town you drive through, you drive through the sugarcane fields on the way up yet we’re only about 20 minutes down south from the Gold Coast Airport Coolangatta Airport.

So anyway, one of the things you want to do is you can always watch the video that we sort of run through all the different trailers but if you want to physically touch, feel and see the trailers you’re definitely welcome.

Just let us know in advance before you come in, there’s always someone here but we’re gonna make sure the right person’s here to help you understand what exactly is in the food trailer.

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