Expanding A Brick And Mortar Restaurant With A Mobile Food Trailer

If you are already operating a successful brick and mortar restaurant then expanding into the mobile food industry might be a very wise decision.

Expanding a Brick and Mortar Restaurant with a Mobile Food Trailer

You will have an advantage because you already understand how to properly own, manage and market a business.

However, running a food truck presents its own unique challenges.

Traditionally, when a brick and mortar restaurant is thriving, the owners may consider opening a second location.

With the growing popularity of food vans, trucks and trailers, many restaurant owners are jumping into the mobile food industry.

With a well performing restaurant, you have brand recognition and people are already familiar with your food. 

Having a mobile food business gives you an advantage because now you can go where crowds of people are. It also opens the door to easily being able to cater large events.

If you design your food truck or trailer to prominently display your logo then it creates a moving billboard in order to boost the brand of both your restaurant and mobile enterprise. You will be able to attend festivals, fairs, office buildings, sporting events, private parties, weddings and more. Going mobile opens a lot of doors.

Buying and operating a food trailer is typically far cheaper than opening a second brick and mortar location. 

Expanding a Brick and Mortar Restaurant with a Mobile Food Trailer

You will also not need to hire as many staff members to run a mobile food business. 

Quite often, you will be able to perform a lot of prep work at your restaurant location. This balances out the fact that the kitchens in food trucks are much smaller than those at your restaurant. You also won’t need to pay for commissary rental because you will already have a kitchen to use.

There might be different rules, regulations and red tape depending on your location.

You will need to do adequate research to ensure you are obtaining the proper permits and getting the right health inspections completed on your food trailer. You will also need to make sure you have a place to store your food van, trailer or truck. There will be maintenance and operational costs that are different than a traditional restaurant as well.

Many times, entering the mobile market makes a lot of sense for existing successful restaurants. The expansion can lead to many new and exciting opportunities!

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