How Much Does It Cost To Start A Food Trailer Business?

Matt answers how much it costs to start a food trailer business

A lot of people ask me how much does it cost to actually start a food trailer or a food truck?

Well it really depends on the actual model of the food trailer that you go for or the food truck that you go for.

To give a little bit of example right over here in the distance I’ve got one of my mid-sized trailers. Now the mid-sized trailer you can get for about 12,490 plus the GST and the bits of other bits and pieces that generally people add to them right. All the way up and I’ll spin around here this is a King Kong this is $60,000 plus GST and you can probably just see across the road there that’s a truck and that’s $90,000 plus GST.

So the real startup cost depends on you okay.

The most important thing to do is make sure that you plan your business and understand and leave room for growth okay because a common mistake that I see people make is they come in they buy a twenty liter trailer okay. They’ve got big plans but they’re scared to invest okay and then they don’t invest then what ends up happening is they get out and their plans fall over because they brought the wrong trailer.

One of the things we do is when we are talking to clients and so on so forth and helping them get into the actual food trailer we make sure that they’ve got the right trailer for the actual circumstance.

So hopefully that helps you understand how to choose the right food trailer.

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