How Much Will Events Charge Me To Enter My Food Trailer To Attend?

Matt shares his answer on how much events will charge to enter your food trailer

Another common question we get asked is how much do events charge me to actually take my trailer in?

Now that’s a very open-ended question sometimes as little as $50 sometimes it’s nothing okay and then sometimes I’ll take a percentage of your sales and sometimes okay it might be a few hundred dollars.

It’s a matter of a question to ask but really what you need to do is when you’re actually thinking about that consideration and so on so forth.

Don’t worry about how much it costs worry about what sales you might make for the day.

You can always try an event once and with business as always the pros and cons of ups and down sides and risks and so on so forth right um but if you go in there you actually invest have a go and your mark oh wow it really really worked as well and then you go from there so the answers very unclear you have to really ask the event organizers.

Hopefully that helps you understand how much event organizers charge you to have your trailer there.

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