How Profitable Is A Food Truck?

Matt shares answer on how profitable a food truck is

Hey there Matt here, and one of the common questions I get is how profitable is a food truck or food trailer?

At the end of the day it really comes down to you and operating just like any other business. Okay but probably what I can tell you is some customer stories from the past.

I’ve heard many people literally gotten their last dollar together to get going in their food truck or the food trailer and basically what happened is they just put all their energy into it and made really really good money.

To give you some examples I’ve had people come through and go to festivals and they go to our festivals and literally sell out of food on the first day and then run around and get enough food for the next day and get double the order and literally pay half their food trailer off in a simple three day festival.

Now that’s not normal but if you wanted to look at rough numbers or what you can do if you turn over as in sell a thousand dollars a day worth of actual goods okay so actual orders okay you would expect about $300 at a day in materials he might spend a couple hundred dollars in labor so to make about a $500 a day profit pretty good down good that’s half of most people’s wages per week and start off doing it part-time and then working a full-time.

Hope that helps you to understand how profitable a food trailer or a food truck is.

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