What Car Do I Need To Tow My Food Trailer?

Matt answers what car you need to tow your food trailer

Another common question we get asked is, what type of car do I need to tow my actual food trailer?

Now that depends on the actual food trailer something like a mid or our large they’re generally under twelve hundred and fifty kilos. Once you start stepping up above that the GVM which is the gross mass of the trailer plus anything you put inside it can go up towards two ton for something like the maxi elite or the XL okay.

So generally you want a slightly big car. I do see some people they go buy a second-hand four-wheel drive might be a five or six or seven thousand dollar four-wheel drive. Sometimes early 2000 model Pajero stuff like that and they just dedicate it to turning around their trailer or if you step it up even further into for example a King Kong or or a supersize they’ve got electric brakes and so on and so forth so you really need a four wheel drive. So it depends on the size of the car.

If you’re unsure whether your car will tow something okay all the pages on your website which is foodtrailerking.com.au has the actual the actual detail sort of the actual the size the weights of the trailers and so on so forth in always Google your model of a car and I’ll tell the tonne capacity and all of our trailers had brakes okay so when they’ve got brakes and makes it a lot easier for you because you don’t have to worry about your car trying to slow the entire trailer down you can go.

So hopefully that helps you understand what size car you need tow your trailer because it really depends on the trailer.

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