What Licences Are Required For Your Food Trailer?

Matt explains licences required for your food trailer

Hey there Matt here, quite often people ask me what licenses are required to actually get the food trailer?

Now that’s a really really good question. It’s not actually that difficult so there’s essentially two licenses you need or maybe only one depending on the situation okay.

Let’s call it two to make it easy okay. So first you need to actually have that your food trailer is complied okay. So your food trailer needs to comply with your local government health regulations.

Now we guarantee that all our food trailers will comply with local government health regulations and if they don’t for some reason some crazy inspector came along and it didn’t, it wasn’t approved right then what we’d actually do is go through and actually make sure we fix it until it did. Okay that’s basically what we do, okay so we guarantee that it’s guaranteed in writing okay.

Second thing you need is a food safety handling license that can be easily done online yourself you just literally googled food safety handling license you go through and do that license it’s no problem, it’s nice and easy easy to do okay.

You’ll need that for yourself because quite often the local council will ask that and also festival organizers and stuff will ask for that knowing that you actually know what you’re doing handling food okay.

Now I said two, but in case there is a third one and sometimes there is if you wanted to be set up in a permanent location that’s generally controlled by either a local or state government okay if you’re going to be there for a long period of time and generally they want an actual permit.

Now if you’re coming and going and changing all the time you’re not so bad okay most people don’t get a permit because they’re just coming and going all the time but at least you know our ways stand in relation to what type of licenses you need for your food trailer or food truck.

So really hope that helps you and it gets to, allows you to a little bit more information and help you understand just how easy it is to get into your own food trailer or food truck.

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