Where Can You Park With A Food Trailer?

Matt answers where you can park a food trailer

Hey there Matt here again. Now another common question that I get is can you park anywhere with an actual food truck?

Honestly the answer is yes and no okay. So as far as the rules and regulations go you can only ever park on private land okay now if you park on private land then generally there’s no concerns or anything in regards to counsel and so on and so forth right. If you park in council areas it’s just like parking a vehicle I guess you might say okay. If you park a vehicle in one one spot all the time let’s say you’ve got a car and every day you park it in the same spot and you leave it there 24/7 don’t ever move it okay your obviously going to have problems with Council. But if you’re owning for example the your food truck or the food trailer and you’re going to an industrial area then you go into another area and another area you’re moving around then people generally don’t have any problems with that okay.

If you want to use a council area then generally what you have to do is have a little bit of conversation with the council generally most are quite helpful it’s a matter of talking to them and have a little conversation about what you want to do and generally they’ll get you to fill out some little forms and sometimes they’ll charge you money if that’s the case you pay a little bit money but you’ve got your spot and then you can start making money with your food trailer.

Hopefully that helps you understand where you can and can’t park your food trailer or food truck.

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