Will The Council Want To Inspect My Food Trailer?

Matt answers if the council will want to inspect your food trailer

Another question that's quite common and gets asked is once my trailer is built and we put the paperwork in to council for the food safety of the actual trailer will the the council actually want to check my trailer?

In almost all circumstances, the council will actually want to check your actual trailer.

Now the reason why that, even though we give you all the paperwork and we help you put the actual permit in, the reason why is they actually want to know and they want to see it with their eyes because unfortunately not everyone’s 100% honest and sometimes they have people saying that something complies when it doesn’t necessarily comply. So you should always expect the council will want to check it once.

That’s why it’s really really important that when you’re investing in your trailer you invest in someone that’s got a proper background and knowledge of building the trailers correctly and also invest in someone that actually can offer backup support in case you have any problems.

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